Genetic Base United States (USDA, HA, Interbull)

Based on official USDA and Breed Association data.

SEARCH CAPABILITY! If you are looking for sons of a certain sire, you can enter the sire's registration number as a search criterion. If you don't know the sire's registration number, produce a report page for any son of that sire, then click the blue "hot link" in the sire's registration number field. For example, clicking the sire's registration number for any report that includes "Destiny" will produce a report composed of "Beretta" sons ranked by the same criteria selected for the first report.

  1. This input form allows visitors to search one or more of the listed traits. Please enter minimum or maximum values for one or more traits you wish to use to search the database.
  2. Do not enter % signs in the reliability fields. Enter only the number.
  3. Looking for identification of a young sire? Many young bulls are in this database. A stud code number or name search may enable you to find the registration number.